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We had just gotten home from grocery shopping. With bags in tow we had our arms full and hurried to get inside from the cold weather. When we opened our front porch screen door I noticed a package on the little white table. It was a large decorative Christmas bag with handles and a bit heavier than I expected.

Excited about the surprise package left at my door, I couldn't wait to open it. Even though it was a few days until Christmas, I decided to take the package out of the gift bag hoping to get a glimpse of the item. Nope, it was in a box!

Feeling like a child I shook, smelled, tilted and held the package trying to figure out what it was and who gave us this treasure. The intrigue was exhilarating and kept me guessing as to its contents until Christmas morning.

My collection of cookbooks has been depleted over the past ten years. Looking for new recipes I bugged all my neighbors for peeks at their collections. Knowing that I love chocolate, one of my neighbors (whom I have borrowed her recipe books oodles of times) had the good sense to get me a cookbook she knew I would like. As a matter of fact, when she received it in the mail she liked it so much she ordered another one for herself.

Hershey's is more than a name, candy or recipe book to me; it is part of my growing up in the Tri-State area where Hershey's is a part of everyone's family. We traveled to Hershey, Pennsylvania more times then I can remember, spent time in the Amusement Park, visited the chocolate factory and gave out five pound candy bars at ball games. Having Hershey cookbooks and recipes seemed almost natural for me, so when I received it for Christmas in 2011 you can tell it was most appreciated.

About the Cookbook

There are so many things I love about this cookbook besides the recipes (which is a given). I like that it is a sturdy hardback, five ring binder making it easy to view recipes. There are two protective page covers and great tips in the front of the book for working specifically with all types of chocolate. I've learned so much from this section alone.

Overall there are 24 sections of recipes from cakes, pies, cookies, cheesecakes, candies, breads, muffins and so much more. If you aren't sure what to give someone there is also a section for chocolate gift giving ideas.

One of my favorite sections is the one called "Treats for Kids" where everyone can get involved baking, making more fun for the family. If you are in the mood for a chocolaty beverage you'll find recipes for those kinds of drinks. For meat lovers, there are recipes for chicken, chili or shrimp as well. That's right, a chocolate chili recipe!

In the very back of the book is a metric conversion chart, oven temperature suggestions and baking times according to the pans you use. All-in-all this 512 page hardbound book is a simple pleasure you will come to love and use over and over for years to come. Considering all you get, plus 475 chocolate recipes with colorful pictures for practically all the recipes, it is really a great price.

Tube cakes,  Bundt cakes and rolls.Fancy tortes and cakes.Take a look at the scrumptious recipes from my own Hershey's Recipe Collection Cookbook.
The sections included in this book are: Layer and Sheet Cakes, Cheesecakes, Tube or Bundt Cakes, Cupcake or Mini-Cakes, Drop Cookies, Candy, Holiday and Gift Giving Ideas, Puddings, Mousses, Cream Pies, Pastries, Coffee Cakes, Hershey Kisses Ideas and a special section for kids treats.
Cupcakes and mini cakes.Holiday & Gift Giving Ideas.Puddings, Mousses & Cream Desserts.Luscious cream pies.Pastries and the coffee cake I made.  Doesn't it look good?  Visit my web page listed above for it.Special recipe just for getting kids in the kitchen. Fun treats they will love to make and eat.

If you like cheesecake my Easy Chocolate Cheesecake was also a take on a recipe from this cookbook. It is the best, richest cheesecake I've ever eaten, and it's easy to make.

Another recipe that has become a favorite of ours was taken from a basic recipe in the cookbook and tweaked a bit to suit our taste. Hershey's Chocolate Chip Applesauce Coffee Cake is a great recipe for the fall and to make for those guests you have over for the holidays.

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  1. Fabulous review, Fay. It is very obvious how much you love this cookbook. - Brenda (Treasures By)


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