Cuisinart 2-Slice Metal Classic Toaster

This is my Cuisinart 2 slice toaster. It fits nicely
on the countertop. It still looks brand new.
The Best Toaster I've Ever Owned ~ Cuisinart

Somewhere along the way I must have mentioned to my oldest sister that our toaster was on its last days. Being the good soul that she is, she stored the information in her memory bank and surprised us with this brand new Cuisinart 2 slice toaster for Christmas.

Since breakfast is my favorite meal, having a good toaster is a mainstay around our home. Not only do I use a toaster for ordinary toast needs, but I like to use it for a variety of sandwiches that I like. When my husband opened the package we noticed all the wonderful things that this small kitchen appliance could do. 

Why I like this product. 

If you'll notice, this particular Cuisinart toaster has 2 slots, but it also comes in a 4 slot as well. I love the classic design of stainless steel, because to me it looks so clean and bright. Take note that the exterior has no sharp edges either, but a sleek, smooth appearance.

Notice the four settings, dial number for shade of toast and the heavy push down tab.
Notice the four settings, dial number for shade of
 toast and the heavy push down tab.
Bagels are another bread item that we eat a lot of in my home, and I never had a toaster that could handle one. If I used a toaster for it, the thing would always get stuck because it wasn't made to do bagels. Well, besides regular bread this toaster is set up to take bagels, French bread, Texas toast or waffles because it has slots 1 and a 1/2 inches wide.

There are four settings: bagel like I mentioned, defrost (love that), reheat (warm your toast without toasting it again) and cancel. The control lifter is larger and heavy duty making it easy to manipulate. You'll like this also, there is a dial number setting that lets you select the shade control of your toast. One of my sisters likes her toast almost burnt, I like a darker toast, but my husband prefers a rather light toast. Perfect!

The wide 1 and a 1/2 inch slot openings are
 great for French toast and bagels.
Clean-up is another thing that makes this a better toaster ... there's hardly any! It comes with a slide out crumb tray that can easily be whipped out keeping it looking classy on any countertop. It comes with a 3 year warranty.

I don't know what you look for in a toaster, but this one has it over some of the other name brands. Right now this item is on sale at a great price.
Whether you are looking for a new toaster for yourself, a wedding, anniversary or new home gift, this toaster is one you'll be proud to give or receive.
Some purchases have free shipping and handling and that's something to be considered these days.
Watch a demonstration of the toaster I have. 
 I really like the reheat setting.


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