Strawberry Bistro Vegetarian Salad
Strawberry Bistro Vegetarian Salad 
Whenever we are in a restaurant it takes me a while to see if there is anything listed under vegetarian or vegan on the menu.  I am delighted when I find something in which I can “build” on to create a dish that I love. 

Changing some of the ingredients I can come up with tons of variations on the same recipe, but still make it a little different.  I love this salad for so many reasons. It’s really refreshing, especially in the summer when you can get fresh ingredients. 

Something that you’ll also find with this dish is that it isn’t heavy or greasy, so you don’t feel bloated after eating.  Adding the toasted pita bread is genius and really works well with the salad.  A great meal to beat the kitchen heat on a hot summer day.  Served with iced cold raspberry tea finishes the entire meal with a “clean, good eating” feel. 

Although there are several dressings I like, low-fat raspberry vinaigrette dressing is the one that goes best with this salad for my taste.  One added note, my husband discovered that he likes this dressing for a dipping sauce on his club sandwiches.
Strawberry Bistro Vegetarian Salad 
Equipment Needed: can opener 

Kitchen Supplies: knife, salad bowl, colander, utensils
Prep Time: 10 -15 minutes
Yields: 2-4 servings


1 large bag (washed) baby greens salad mix (see note below)

Chopped pecans (3/4 cup)

Dried cranberries (3/4 cup)

Dark kidney beans (3/4 cup drained)

Sliced strawberries (5-7 large)

Shredded cheddar cheese and mozzarella mix (1/2 cup)

Mixed croutons: wheat, rye, whole grain, sourdough, white

Low-fat raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing 

Serve with toasted pita bread and raspberry iced tea. 

Note: Be sure that the baby lettuce mix includes some of the following for a higher vitamin count. 

Baby Lettuces: Baby lettuce, Baby Romaine Lettuce, Baby Green Oakleaf lettuce, Baby Redleaf Lettuce, Baby Greenleaf Lettuce, Baby Red Chard, Baby Green Chard, Baby Radicchio, Baby Spinach. 

Meat eaters can add diced chicken, pork, ham or turkey. 

More baby lettuce salad ideas.  My old fashioned potato salad recipe.

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Notes: Recipe is vegetarian the way I eat and not necessarily that of other vegetarians or vegans.

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